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SEND Mediation Training Programme

Our SEND-specific course provides bespoke training that has been approved by the Civil Mediation Council and College of Mediators’ SEND Panel in accordance with the Professional Standards.

Aim of the Course

This course is designed for qualified mediators intending to carry out SEND-specific mediations for local education authorities. It is designed to provide mediators with the relevant knowledge and understanding of SEND legislation and local procedures to be competent to work in this field. The course also aims to develop trainees’ mediation skills so that they can be applied specifically to SEND cases. Those who have completed the course will receive a certificate and will have the opportunity to apply to the College of Mediators (CoM) and Civil Mediation Council (CMC) for registration as a specialist SEND Mediator, once they have met the necessary additional requirements (see below). Please note that 100% attendance on the course is required for certification.

Course Eligibility

In order to apply for this course, you must have:

  • A professional mediation qualification i.e. completed the 40-hour foundation course through an accredited training provider. Evidence of this must be provided to apply for the course.
  • Mediation experience. Ideally, you will have completed several full solo professional mediations. However, we recognise these are difficult to get for newly qualified mediators, so please make sure that you have observed and/ or co-mediated at least three mediations; it is desirable that one of these is a SEND dispute.*
  • Fluency in English.
  • Commitment to equal opportunities, inclusion and diversity.

*We may be able to arrange for you to observe and/ or co-mediate SEND mediations before the course if required (a fee will apply – see below).

Course Modules

In order to cover the material necessary to achieve accreditation as a SEND Mediator, our two-day training programme will incorporate the following content in four distinct modules:

  • The legislative framework (3 hours)
  • Contextual knowledge of SEND (3 hours)
  • Mediation practice and the conduct of cases (3 hours)
  • Local processes and procedures (3 hours)

Summary of Course Terms and Fees

The full cost of the course is £495 + VAT. This is payable in advance. Our refund policy is outlined below.

If you require us to arrange pre-course SEND Mediation observations, these cost £200 + VAT each; to co-mediate will cost £350 + VAT per mediation, which will include a feedback session. Please note that we cannot guarantee the provision of this service to all customers as it will depend on the availability of appropriate mediation opportunities at the time.

The fee does not include travel, accommodation or meals. Light refreshments (tea, coffee, biscuits etc.) will be provided.

We will provide a full refund if you cancel more than 28 days before the start of the course. A 50% refund will be due if cancelled 7 – 28 days before the course.

In exceptional circumstances the venue and date of the course may be liable to change. If this is necessary, a full refund would be due if you are not able to attend as a result.

Please note that the information above is for guidance only and we reserve the right to amend it.

Course Location

This course will be run from a central town location e.g. Birmingham; the specific venue will depend on demand and availability. All venues will be pre-assessed to ensure they meet the requirements and to provide good public transport links, accommodation options, parking and disabled access if required.

How to Apply

For information about dates of our upcoming courses and to register your interest, please email us at: If you decide to proceed with an application, we will send you further detail in the course prospectus along with a form to complete, which will require details of your mediation experience. In addition, we will ask you to send us proof of your mediation foundation training (e.g. valid certificate).

Please note that the pathway to accreditation as a registered SEND mediator requires an additional 14 hours of practice and reflection following this course. This is not included as part of this course; Prime Resolution does not take responsibility for providing the required 14 hours supervision for accreditation. Please be aware that, following this course, it may take several months to gain accreditation and the trainee is responsible for securing supervision opportunities. Prime Resolution will try to help with this where possible, but cannot give any guarantees in this regard.

What People Say About Our Service

I would rate the course as excellent. A most impressive achievement. Well done to the Prime team.

« Andrew (London) - 2020, 2020

I really enjoyed the course. I thought Hugo did a great job and presented the course in an insightful and honest way. Hugo had the perfect balance of teaching us what we needed to know, whilst interacting, and the course was delivered with charm. Marilyn’s interventions and insights helped with context and gave it a good balance. It is clear that Prime Resolution have a professional and caring ethos and that shone through in the course. Something to be proud of. The short exercises helped the flow of the days and encouraged interaction which is always good. The mix of participants was good, all coming at it from different angles.

« Ralph (London) 2020, 2020

Thank you so much for your excellent delivery of this course over the last few days. Plenty of legal stuff, but all delivered and explained with aplomb! The reflections and experience of someone who has 'been there' were invaluable and included your own honest and open considerations of your personal practice. Learning and hearing from someone who has been in the hot seat was very inspiring. Thank you for a very stimulating course.

« Ben (Sussex) 2020, 2020

I particularly liked how the course was led in a relaxed, open way and how questions and discussions were encouraged. The numerous true to life examples of prior mediations that were discussed were also very useful. The key legislation was clearly examined and discussed.

« Chris (Cheshire) 2020, 2020