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Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
Mediator Training Course

Dates for our next course have not yet been set. Please get in touch to be added to our waiting list.

Our course, which is jointly accredited by the CoM and CMC, is for qualified mediators intending to carry out SEND mediations. We offer two options for training:

1. Online Training Course

£750 + VAT

To cover the material necessary to achieve accreditation as a SEND Mediator, our 12-hour training programme incorporates four distinct modules over four morning sessions. It aims to provide mediators with the relevant knowledge and understanding of SEND legislation and procedures to be competent to work in this field. The course also aims to develop trainees’ mediation skills so that they can be applied specifically to SEND cases.

To save delegate travel time and accommodation expenses, we deliver the course online. This model is not only convenient and enables us to keep costs low, it is also better for the environment.

2. Online Training Course Plus Supported Practice

£1495 + VAT

The pathway to formal registration with the CoM/ CMC as an accredited SEND Mediator requires an additional 14 hours of practice and reflection following the basic course. We are able to offer the full package so that you can complete the process with us, but places are limited and will be allocated through a selection process.

For further information and course materials, and to book your place on our next course:

contact Hugo:

Tel: 07582 548611

What People Say About Our Service

I would rate the course as excellent. A most impressive achievement. Well done to the Prime team.

« Andrew (London)

I really enjoyed the course. I thought Hugo did a great job and presented the course in an insightful and honest way. Hugo had the perfect balance of teaching us what we needed to know, whilst interacting, and the course was delivered with charm. Marilyn’s interventions and insights helped with context and gave it a good balance. It is clear that Prime Resolution have a professional and caring ethos and that shone through in the course. Something to be proud of. The short exercises helped the flow of the days and encouraged interaction which is always good. The mix of participants was good, all coming at it from different angles.

« Ralph (London)

Thank you so much for your excellent delivery of this course over the last few days. Plenty of legal stuff, but all delivered and explained with aplomb! The reflections and experience of someone who has 'been there' were invaluable and included your own honest and open considerations of your personal practice. Learning and hearing from someone who has been in the hot seat was very inspiring. Thank you for a very stimulating course.

« Ben (Sussex)

I particularly liked how the course was led in a relaxed, open way and how questions and discussions were encouraged. The numerous true to life examples of prior mediations that were discussed were also very useful. The key legislation was clearly examined and discussed.

« Chris (Cheshire)